The Little Cemetery That Moved

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The journey of 43 Regis Jesuits and one Irish boy



杰克, 16, a popular boy with a lyric Irish accent, was a third-year student in the high school that, 在那些日子里, was called the Academic Department of Sacred Heart College. 他刚刚回到西北丹佛校园,他的家乡在爱尔兰,他的父亲住在那里,他的母亲刚刚去世.

没有一个人 knows where 杰克 was headed that afternoon. Wherever it was, he didn’t make it. Just north of Main Hall, 杰克 collapsed.  

Distraught classmates rushed to his side and Rev. Modestus Izaguirre,年代.J., 谁是附近, 跪在杰克身边, 试着救活他, but soon realized all he could do was offer absolution. 根据《E世博登录网址》官方名称为《E世博登录网址》的每日日志, 杰克, 在下午3点20分,他躺在学院大厅和操场之间的泥土中死去.m. The cause was a violent hemorrhage from the lungs. In five minutes it was all over.”  

The school’s physician, Dr. 詹姆斯·德夫林, 到达, 宣布杰克死亡, and said even if he had gotten there earlier, there was “simply nothing” he could have done to save the boy. 杰克的死后, the Diary noted that he had “weak lungs,” and had been sick a month before his death.  

So, two days later, on May 12, 1900, 约翰J. “杰克”麦克唐纳成为第一个,也是唯一一个被埋葬在里吉斯公墓的学生. 

When the four-story building called Main Hall was built in 1887, 它是学校, 这里是男孩和年轻人的家——按照1900年学院目录的规定,他们是“完美的绅士”, as well as the Jesuit priests and brothers 谁 taught there.

当然,那些献身于教育年轻人的人最终会死去. 因此,牧师. 多米尼克Pantanella,年代.J., one of the college's founders, created a cemetery on campus. 从上个世纪初的照片和地图可以看出这个小小的墓地, set off by a low fence, sat beneath a row of then-young trees east of where St. 彼得闲谈,年代.J.霍尔现在站着.

Regis' Little Cemetery of the Jesuits, 大家都知道, eventually was the final resting place for 43 priests, lay teachers and brothers — and one student, 杰克麦克唐奈.

杰克 had come to Sacred Heart in 1898, 一些人猜测,他的家人可能希望丹佛干燥的气候有利于他的健康. In 1900, as the college catalogue indicates, most Sacred Heart students were from Colorado, but a handful came from as far away as Iowa, 密歇根, 甚至加拿大. 没有一个人, 虽然, 远道而来,在“美丽的小山俯瞰Clear Creek Valley."

在过去的几年里, 杰克的父亲负担不起把他儿子的尸体运回爱尔兰的费用,这个故事被反复提及. 但这似乎不太可能,因为杰克刚刚回到梅奥县. 而且,根据1901年的爱尔兰人口普查,他的父亲迈克尔·麦克唐纳(Michael McDonnell)是一名商人和地主. His uncle, meanwhile, was a wealthy senator from Dublin. 更不用说,杰克的家庭能够支付圣心学校每学期110美元的学费——大约相当于3美元,今天的500.

杰克的尸体留在丹佛的真正原因可能更多地与他的死亡性质有关——可能是由肺结核引起的, 当时被称为消耗,人们担心如果尸体漂洋过海会传播疾病.

不管出于什么原因,耶稣会士们同意把杰克埋在他们小小的校园墓地里. 5月12日, 根据日记, 整个学校和社区的成员都聚集在学院的小教堂,参加一场仪式。目击者认为,这场仪式会给杰克的父亲带来安慰. A high requiem mass was sung, led by the college president, Rev. 约翰J. 布朗,年代.J., and Pantanella gave a sermon. Then eight acolytes, pallbearers and friends walked the body to the cemetery.

6月, 一个巨大的墓碑——比用来装饰耶稣会士坟墓的还要大, and 杰克's grave was set off from the Jesuits' by an iron fence.

大多数被埋在这个小墓地里的人都用一块不起眼的石头做了标记, each inscribed with the deceased's name, birth date and death date, 在拉丁语中.


男人喜欢牧师. 阿尔芒Forstall,年代.J., 谁, according to the University Archives, was a professor of math, 化学, physics and engineering, and director of the college's Assaying Department. 他以创建和指导校园地震站和把全国唯一的地震仪之一带到里吉斯而闻名.

1948年去世时, the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America noted, "Almost at the exact time of Father Forstall's death, 里吉斯地震仪开始记录多米尼加共和国的大地震."

There also was Brother Ben Tovani, 谁 created the original Grotto of Our Lady, adorning the shrine with trinkets. 他的名字现在被刻在最近重新改建的洞穴的一块石头上,现在被称为洛雷托圣母.

和牧师. 康拉德Bilgery,年代.J.他在维尔德县被称为登特的地方发现了猛犸象化石,创造了新闻和历史. According to the March 15, 1935, edition of the student newspaper, 棕色和金色, Bilgery, "with a corps of enthusiastic students from Regis, explored the mammoth bed at Dent from September to November, 1932 ... when the approach of winter halted them."

The Dent site eventually yielded bones from 14 mammoths, two of which were complete enough to be reconstructed for display. One of them went on display at the Denver Museum of Nature & 科学, 这使它成为国内第一个展出大量修复后的猛犸象骨架的博物馆.

记录显示,在这个小墓地的墓碑上,最古老的出生日期是牧师的. 约翰•Guida年代.J.生于1828年. 但比他的圣心同事年龄更早的,并不是圭达最出名的地方.

According to Georgetown University's online archives, Guida was a philosophy professor on the Washington, D.C., campus in April, 1865. 和, in the chaotic aftermath of President Abraham Lincoln's assassination, Guida was mistaken for John Wilkes Booth and arrested. 这位耶稣会牧师被关押在弗吉尼亚州的一个军营里,直到真正的杀手在弗吉尼亚州的一个农场被抓获.

并最终, Pantanella, 这位牧师因建造了圣心学院而备受赞誉,他还为墓地留出了土地, also would be laid to rest there.

The cemetery with Main Hall in the background

但 those 44 souls would not rest there for eternity. In 1956, college leaders decided Regis had to grow. 和 the little cemetery, 到那时,它已经年久失修,经常成为破坏者的目标, 挡在路上.

The Archdiocese of Denver allowed the graves to be moved to Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Wheat Ridge. 因此,在9月. 27, 1958, backhoes 到达 on campus. 在一天结束的时候, 44 graves had been dug up, and 44 caskets were taken from Regis and moved to Mt. Olivet Cemetery, probably by train.

Christopher Thoennes, of Mt. Olivet, officially known as Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services of Northern Colorado, found no record of how those bodies were moved, but he said by train would have been a logical choice, given the campus' and Mt. Olivet's proximity to railroad tracks. 43名男子和一名男孩被重新埋葬在新的坟墓中,并为每个人放置了新的墓碑. 这些先驱者耶稣会士和一个来自梅奥郡的爱尔兰男孩的坟墓可能会在山的天主教神职人员部分被访问. 橄榄公墓,离丹佛大主教区的著名主教们安息的小教堂不远.

Most of the original stones are lost to time and weather and progress. 但, according to the student newspaper 棕色和金色, 多年来,在Loyola Hall和Felix Pomponio家庭科学中心之间的地面上发现了一些. Those tombstones now lie beneath Main Hall, tucked away in a basement room.

经过多年的, 关于主厅上层鬼魂活动的鬼故事, 卡罗尔大厅或校园场地已经被校园报纸报道或由教职员工传递. 这些目击事件可能与不在公墓里的鬼魂有关,也可能与那些在校园里去世的人有关.

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